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Dr. Zoi Traga Philippakos

Dr. Zoi Traga Philippakos

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Dr. Zoi Traga Philippakos, is Associate Professor at the department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education (TPTE) at the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences at The University of Tennessee. Her research interests include reading and writing instruction in K to 12 classrooms and in postsecondary settings, strategy instruction with self-regulation, and teacher professional development. Her recent coauthored books are Developing Strategic Young Writers Through Genre Instructor: Resources for Grades K to 2; Developing Strategic Writers Through Genre Instructor: Resources for Grades 3 to 5; Differentiated Literacy Instruction in Grades 4 and 5: Strategies and Resources, and is an editor in the coedited books Writing – Reading Connections: Bridging Research and Practice and  Design based research in education: Theory and applications (2021). In 2019 she received the Early Career Achievement Award by the Literacy Research Association, and in 2020 she Chaired the Writing Task Force for the International Literacy Association and coauthored a Research Advisory titled, Teaching writing to improve reading skills.  Because of her interest in writing – reading connections, she has developed interventions that are based on genre-based practices to support elementary and secondary learners’ reading for understanding and composition. She is currently the Principal investigator in a funded project that strives to develop and evaluate resources and procedures for the reading and spelling of multisyllabic words.  In addition, she is the co-PI on an IES grant on strategy instruction for college basic writers, and the Co-PI on an IES grant for the development of a curriculum for adule learners. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Reading and Writing Quarterly, Reading Research Quarterly, Reading and Writing) and has presented her work and findings in national and international conferences.

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